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I’ve been streaming live, improvisational, ambient, sound-on-sound music to Mixcloud the last 4 Sundays. I called it Morning Music & Evening Music. @7AM and 7PM I would stream live. The audio and video are archived on Mixcloud/YouTube.

Creatively, this has been a success. I would choose/create a new set of samples for each performance and practice with them all week to prepare. This deadline forced clarity and added purpose to the exercise which would remain entirely in the world of exploration left to its own devices.

I’m going to keep this up a bit longer and reaccess. For now, I’m going to do another 2 MM/EM performances. Practicing with The Time & Sound Machine every day has made it feel like an instrument. I want to continue building muscle memory and focus on the details of how this machine creates & combines sound.

I’ll try to remember how much work goes into seemingly simple and obscure things. And how much fun it can be.

20200622 06:38