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The Time & Sound Machine is a sound-on-sound, digital tape loop, modular system. A playable, interactive, loop machine. It was designed for maximal human control so one could play and touch” loops.

It’s been a real journey figuring this out and I wanted to log/archive the process for my own reference. Perhaps these are of interest to you as well.

Current System:

Modules & Roles:



Loop Length: I was very happy using the DLD with a 2 bar/8 count loop but I thought it might be fun to create longer loops. It turns out, I can update the clock going into the DLD from Tempi with no glitching. I created State 1 on Tempi for 2 bar loops and then I can switch to State 2, exactly the same but with a 1/2 div clock going to the DLD. This doubles the loop length to 4 bars.

Past Iterations:

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