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Big fan of Bandcamp. I wasn’t having much luck finding new music that really surprised me but their journalism, recommendations, and culture have made a big difference. A few recent finds that I can’t stop listening too:

Carpet Cocoon - Iceblink
Saxophone, Prophet synthesizers, flutes, nylon strings. These are some of my favorite things. Intimate, comforting, thought provoking.

Six Songs for Invisible Gardens - Green-House
I can get really wound up trying to make things sound good. Then I hear this and realize I’m fighting the wrong battles. The right sounds make all the difference. Intimate, calming, open.

ISS004 - Skee Mask
I don’t really know what words to use to describe this. It’s driving, dancey I suppose, but just really good. The sounds just perk my ears. Do tracks like this get played in clubs? I certainly hope so.