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I’m very excited by the Make Noise QPAS and the SSF Stereo Dipole but I don’t currently have access to either.

3PAS is a simple attempt to get a taste of that QPAS/STEREO DIPOLE beautifulness in Bitwig’s Grid.

to install:

  1. Download the file above.
  2. Add this to your Bitwig FX Grid Presets folder.

On the Mac & Linux, this is under:
(your_username) > Documents > Bitwig > Library > Presets > FX Grid

On Windows:
(user_profile) > Documents > Bitwig Studio > Library > Presets > FX Grid

That’s it!

basic use:

  1. Load the FX Grid as a device on any track that is making sound.
  2. Load the _[3PAS] preset.
  3. Open the Macro-4 Modulator.
  4. Start turning that RES knob.
    Note: The Macro-4 knobs are labeled and act as master controls. RAD-L/RAD-R spread the peaks for all filters, L/R here refer to how the filters are currently panned in their respective mixers.

By default, the LP is active and BP/HP are muted in the FINAL MIXER. You can unmute the other two and mix/pan as needed. Each filter section also has their own mixer mainly so the peaks can be panned hard L/R. All of these parameters can be changed to your liking but by default, you can follow the instructions above and lovely sounds should happen.

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