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I’ve been reading a lot this year. That’s been a great habit to keep up. As expected, it’s opened my mind to new ideas, eased some of my worries, changed my thinking, made me uncomfortable. But just this week, I stumbled upon The Dark Mountain Project: Manifesto on lines0 as recommended reading.

I didn’t know what to think but I’ve been recommended a good number of great things from lines so this week, for some reason, I added it to Instapaper and gave it a read with my morning coffee.

I found it riveting and I’m not one to use words like that. Today I read Dark Ecology which gripped me even more. It pushed aside so many of my assumptions. It had an effect on me. The kind I’ve read about. That you could read one essay and know that something pivotal might be happening, suddenly unsure of all the paths you thought you would take.

I don’t like describing things this way. It feels false, hopeful; something I’ve done so many times. I’ve yearned for change for so long and it’s already started happening. But I’m careful not to call it out directly. There’s hubris in pointing out something that feels profound, even thinking it could be.

Still, I wrote a journal entry at the start of this year titled 2019 - The Year Everything Changed. How’s that for hubris?

Maybe I need a little more of that. This has been the best year in recent memory and that’s no exaggeration. Perhaps I need to get over this need to temper anything earnest and honest with caveats and irony. Let’s check in a year from today and see if things are any different. If they are, I wonder what other bold claims I made in the last year.

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